CWD : 9th September 2017

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Last Sunday, Orange Runner’s Club held its monthly trail run at Federal Falls. 13 members undertook 5km, 10km and 14km runs on very challenging surfaces and terrains. Notable performances included Cameron Ross (5k, 45:50), Meg Reeves (10k, 61:47) and Iain McLean (14k, 83:26). Well done to all who took part.

The regular weekend run was held at Sir Jack Brabham, where 62 runners had the choice of 1-5 laps of the 1.75km course. The first 3 finishers by gender for each distance are as follows:

1 lap – Male: Stewart Vidler (9:52), Bill Fairgrieve (9:58) and Graham Fahy (11:02). Female: Liz Simpson (10:54), Brooke Martin (11:17) and Olivia Martin (11:53).

2 laps – Male: Noah Lamrock (14:28), Stephen Martin (16:28) and Logan Whiteley (17:15) Female: Pip Martin (18:18), Michelle Whiteley (19:48) and Glenys Rosser and Sharon Fahy (26:46).

3 laps – Male: Jack Daintith (25:55), Alistair Merrifield (26:00) and Mike Cooper (27:25). Female: Tiffany McCormick (26:45), Kietta-Raye Shaw (31:16) and Man Ha Mackay (35:03)

4 laps – Mixed: Steven Wensley (40:11), Greg Shapter (40:21) and Renai McArdle (44:07).

5 laps – Joel Kitto (43:01), Stephen Blackwood (45:08) and Anthony Daintith (46:39). Female: Jane Fairgrieve (51:27), Kim Jarvis (51:56) and Ursula Wilson (59:04).

A giant thumbs up to all who participated, Keagan Wilson was declared the winner. Fastest lap of the morning was Stephen Martin who clocked a 7:15 on his second and last lap.

The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 3 lap handicap event saw 44 competitors take part in sub-zero wind chill. The fastest men were Mitch Williamson (9:19), Rikky Bangert (11:07) and Noah Lamrock (11:18). The fastest ladies were Leanne Corcoran (12:03), Ella Lamrock (12:42) and Eva Keegan (12:51). Fastest lap of the Elephant Park circuit was clocked by Mitch Williamson at 2:53 for his first lap. PB’s were achieved by Michelle Whiteley (1s), Anna Daintith (36s) and Cameron Ross (20s). Jack Judge was declared the winner. Well done to all who took part.

Orange Runners Club is always pleased to acknowledge continual supporting of club events by longer term members. The following members achieved various milestones during July and August.

Hanna Gross (25 runs), Chris Cameron (50 runs), David Gibson (50 runs), Fiona Montgomerie (100 runs), Lily Bangert (100 runs), Letitia Vidler (200 runs), Molly Dean (200 runs), Joel Kitto (300 runs), Logan Whitley (400 runs), Jack Daintith (500 runs), John Connolly (700 runs), and Sheree Ryan (900 runs). Well done to all!
The Spring calendar is now out, with many exciting runs in scenic locations planned, with the monthly trail runs continuing. This Sunday sees the club back at Stagecoach Road, where members have a choice of 2k, 3k, 5k and 8.5k routes starting at 9am. As Winter is finished, the Wednesday event at Elephant will now revert to its regular 5pm staggered format.
Members should visit the club website on for further details on these and upcoming events. Those interested in joining our club should visit the club website for further information.

See you on the trail


Photo of some members getting participation medals for attending a significant amount of runs.