Festival Volunteers Needed

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Dear all ORC Members,

You may  all be aware the OCCRF Committee stood down at the AGM with all positions now vacant.  We need about 6-8 people to head up the operation for 2015.  We have had two people come forward indicating their willingness to undertake a position on the Committee and we thank these people for their help, however we need more volunteers.

We have been advised that the OCCRF have prepared an extensive manual detailing every aspect of organising a festival.

We would all agree that the 2014 fun run was a highly professional and successful operation and let’s be honest the thought of trying to repeat the process is rather daunting, however, I am sure there are a lot of people out there who have a great deal to offer and this is your chance to shine.

The fun run started 8 years ago after a member, David Lamrock said all the neighbouring towns have fun runs but not Orange.  We thought about it  and decided to give it a go and hence the running festival was “born”. Bill and I were on the Committee at the time along with a handful of other people.  We had nothing to go on, nor did we have any money to help start us off.   However, after a lot of headaches, obstacles and plenty of laughs the first Orange Colour Running Festival was conducted in March 2007. Each year the event progressed. Each year we learnt from our mistakes. Each year new Committee members got involved offering valuable ideas, and now we are proud to be the best running festival in regional NSW.

The  current Committee of ORC have served  many previous years  on the running festivals and therefore do not wish to be involved with the organising of the 2015 festival.  Therefore, I urge you all to give this matter your sincere consideration.  This is your fun run, and if you want it to proceed and continue to be a renowned event throughout NSW we need you to put your name forward to help out and take on an active roll.  If you personally do not wish to be involved but have a friend or relative you know is clever with organisational  skills, good with bookkeeping, or just a good “all-rounder” please urge them to get in touch with me to put their name forward.

Members, we need your help on this and only you can make the 2015 Running Festival go ahead.

Any questions, please contact me on 6362 5973 or speak to me, Bill, Graham or Mike at one of our club runs.

Jane Fairgrieve – President