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Article by Daryl Roweth

With a few of our club’s runners venturing to the National Capital for the Australian Running Festival weekend, the local run at Gosling Creek was still well attended with around 60 starters. Before kicking off the run, the leader of the most club runs tally, Gary Taylor was awarded for his 1500th run. An absolutely amazing number, while John Clarke was recognised for his 100th. The male winner of the 2.3km loop, Craig Penrose ran 11:11 and just held out the ladies winner, Lauralie Francis (11:13). Doing the 2 lap 4.6km run Brad Simmons continued his recent run of fast performances to head the field with a 19:40 time. Promising junior Lily Craig (23:06) led the way for the girls. Again the longest distance, 9.6km, saw another very fast time recorded with Iain McLean setting the pace running 40:03 while just as impressive was Leanne Corcoran who finished in a time of 41:15. Overall winner on the day was Carol Donlan who finished second in the 2.3km race in a time of 15:51.

Female placegetters on the day were:
2.3km – Lauralie Francis, Carol Donlan and Isabel Francis.
4.6km – Lily Craig, Katherine Lindsay and Kerrie Lindsay.
9.6km – Leanne Corcoran, Amber rich and Ursula Wilson.

Male placegetters on the day were:
2.6km – Craig Penrose, Logan Whiteley and Alistair Merrifield.
4.6km – Brad Simmons, Alex Brennan and Jack Daintith.
9.6km – Iain McLean, Mark Chapman and Mitchell Essex

In Canberra, Mitch Williamson finished 4th overall in the hotly contested 5km race (and 2nd in his age category), recording the outstanding time of 16:02. Liz Simpson also had a super run as she smashed the 20 minute barrier with a time of 19:46 which saw Liz finish 4th female overall and 2nd in her age category. Estelle Dean finished 2nd in her age with a fantastic and even paced 41:50. Sue Dean (1:35:25) was the fastest of the Orange contingent in the half marathon while Stephen Blackwood completed his first ever marathon.

Other results from Canberra:

5km race – Nicole Williamson 21:07, Carrie Williamson 22:07, Kinisha Roweth (4th age) 23:56, Matt Dean 25:59 and Jessie Dean (5th age) 26:01.

10km race – James Dean 50:22

Half Marathon – Joel Kitto 1:37:00, Mike Cooper 1:37:13, Robyn Cotton 1:37:25, Daryl Roweth 1:39:57, Pam Fullgrabe 2:03:25, Richard Eggleston 2:04:07, Lynda Chapman 2:15:51, Maree Moss 2:16:16 and Michelle Davis 2:44:51.

Marathon – Stephen Blackwood 5:56:22.

Wednesday nights Elephant Park handicap race saw Mitchell Williamson run another scintillating 3 laps for a 9:37 time that was clearly the fastest of the night. Almost 120 runners also saw some new members joining and 19 personal bests recorded, with Tim Edmonstone being the overall winner on the night. Wednesday PB’s were achieved by:

Kim Roweth 1m 7s (20:11), Paras Meates 12s (14:55), Amelia Hogben 2m 2s (15:01), Cleopatra Nam 11s (15:33), Carla Monks 7s (15:32), Jameson Monks 1m 2s (12:38), Robert Jay 34s (16:10), Ursula Wilson 2s (11:57), Grace Srzich 23s (14:57), Harry Buckland 4s (12:50), Amanda Gregor 51s (14:28), Leon Lincoln 26s (12:39), Busta Connolly 1m 7s(23:33), James Harvey 34s (11:24), Arabella Harvey 32s (20:22), Sidney Harvey 12s (22:15), Tim Edmonstone 29s (11:51), Caitlin Edmonstone 16s (15:11), Julie Swain 1m 13s (17:05)

On 10 April 2014 the AGM was held at Anson Street School. The new committee for 2014/2015 period are as follows:- President – Jane Fairgrieve, Vice President – Graham Fahy, Treasurer – Bill Fairgrieve, Secretary – Mike Cooper. The minutes of the meeting are currently being completed by Mike and will be posted on the website as soon as possible.

After a very successful 2014 running festival, the committee of the OCCRF advised at the AGM that none of their committee will be standing for re-election. Therefore, it will be necessary for members of ORC to step forward and run the event. If we cannot get the personnel to run the event unfortunately the running festival will not be in a position to go ahead. We request all members give consideration to taking on an active role to ensure the festival proceeds as per normal. If you are prepared to undertake a position, please see Jane, Graham, Bill or Mike as soon as possible. We only have 3 weeks to decide the fate of the OCCRF.

Memberships for the new financial year are now available. Please arrange completion of your registration form and payment direct to Bill or Jane Fairgrieve as soon as possible. Family membership will be $70.00, Senior $30,00 and Junior $15.00.

To all new members, please be aware that running club singlets are available for sale at $16.00 each, please see Jane.
This week the Sunday run is at Lake Canobolas starting at 9am with an egg hunt as well. For those who are travelling over the holidays, please drive carefully.


TOP GUN: Gary Taylor last weekend was awarded a certificate recognising 1500 club runs. This makes his the highest on the all time Runners’ Club list.