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  1. Do you have anybody as you inspiration? Sarah Jamieson 1500 RH. .
  2. Do you have a lucky charm or ritual? Lucky teddy, lucky socks and I have pasta the night before the race.
  3. What distance do you enjoy most? 1500.
  4. What is your proudest moment of your athletic career? Making the Olympics-Australian Record holder for the mile.
  5. Is your family proud of your achievements? Yes, Dad used to be coach till u18’s.
  6. At what age did you start little athletics? 5 years old.
  7. Did they have an impact on your running abilities? Year my dad and sister are distance runners.
  8. Did you play any other sports growing up? Rep netball, state swimming, touch footy.
  9. How often did you train? Twice a day in proper training – everyday sometimes more.
  10. How long are you going to keep running for or will you just see how it goes? Always run for fitness, make Rio then  maybe retire.
  11. When is your next big race? Nationals – March 2013.
  12. If you did run at the running festival, what distance would you run? 10km, maybe 5km.