Message from the President

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Hello Members,

I just want to give you an update of what has been happening in the Club recently.

Firstly, the good news is that an executive committee has been formed for the 2015 OCCRF. The head Co-Ordinators will be husband and wife team – Erin and David Gibson, Assistant Co-Ordinator is John Betts, Treasurer is Rebecca Lincoln, Secretary is Fiona Mackin, Registration Officer is Iain McLean and also Tim Edmonstone has lodged his interest.

A meeting will be held on Thursday 1 May 2014 at the Hotel Canobolas, wherein the old OCCRF will officially hand-over to the new committee. I am sure I speak for everyone in thanking Kim Roweth, her committee and all the trusty ORC members who helped out so very much in making the 2014 event one to be remembered.

To the new committee, we all wish you an incredible amount of success and as in previous years this new committee will be relying on the help of ORC members. I would be grateful if you would all give some of your time, no matter how small, to help the new committee. They have taken on a large task and are all new members to our club, so it would be great if you could show them that we are a friendly club and help them out when assistance is required.

Registrations are due now and once again we wish to have everyone a member by the end of the first week in May. After that we will be printing off the names of all financial members and unfortunately if your name is not on that list, you will be asked to join up immediately. The bottom line is if you are not a member you cannot run with the club due to insurance issues. I am sure you all understand our position on this one. If you wish to discuss any aspect of membership fees, please feel free to speak to either myself or Bill (treasurer).

It has come to light that our current timing chips have been superseded (typical of today’s society); however the old chips can still be used. We have had to order a new type of chip, which is a lot more accurate and efficient. This will make Michael’s job a bit easier. The new chips will be made available to any new members who join up and of course with new technology, the cost of the chip will be higher than our current price. At this stage we are looking at about $8.00 per chip.

I am looking for a few members to carry the mats and timing equipment to the Sunday runs. I have 3 months that need covering. It is an easy job, you just need a ute or sedan, collect the equipment from the shed on Sunday morning and then return it after the run. To the people who have previously done this job a very big thank you. If you would like to volunteer please see me.

I am also interested in finding a Mum or Dad with school age children who would be prepared to advise the club members of how our children are competing in local school athletic events. The current committee have no school age children, so we are a bit out of touch with what is going on around the schools, and of course we are always interested to know how the children are going.

If you have anything you need to discuss, please contact myself or any of the Committee – Graham, Mike or Bill.

Jane Fairgrieve – President