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3 December 2014

Hello members.

Christmas is just a few weeks away, so it will be go go go for a lot of you with work parties, get-to-gethers, family activities, but whatever you are doing have fun.

Talking of fun the annual ORC Christmas Party on 29 November 2014 was well received with 130 people on the party list, I think that would be the biggest party since Billy and I joined.  Thank you so very much to all my volunteers on the day, particularly Sharon Fahy – the human dynamo!  Also thank you to the ladies who helped out in the morning setting everything up, thank you to the ladies who helped on the night and thank you to all who helped clear and pack up the hall.  All your hard work was very much appreciated.

The Christmas party is the time to recognise the achievements of some of our members.  The 2014 winners are:-

Runner of the Year: Leanne Corcoran

Junior of the Year: Jack Daintith

Most Improved Runner: Ati Sadr

Most Improved over 55 Years of Age Runner: Judy Tarleton

President’s Medal: Renai McArdle

Encouragement Medal: Keagan Wilson

Most Consistent Runner: Gary Taylor

Most Consistent Wednesday Runner: Kim Jarvis

Most Consistent Junior: Jack Daintith

The voting for the Junior of the Year and Runner of the Year was a very difficult task, with 5 nominations in both categories.  Congratulations to all who were nominated and it is such a shame only one award in each division can be made.

At the party I also took time out to thank our many volunteers, the people who cart the mats on Sundays, the men who ride their bikes out to mark the Sunday courses, the publicity officers, Sharon and John for setting up the computer for each run, website coordinator, Facebook coordinator,  the safety officer and of course my immediate committee, Graham, Billy and Mike.

The big Thank You of the evening of course went to Michael Sharp – what would we do without him! Michael humbly accepted a small gift from the club and said a few words.

I have ORC singlets available for sale – $16 each.  Most sizes are available, however childrens’ sizes are very limited – so first in best dressed!  Please see me either on a Wednesday or Sunday if you want to purchase a singlet.

The Running Festival is now just around the corner.  You will find a blue folder at each run and it would be great if you would put your name down on the list to help out on the weekend of the fun run.  Please indicate what day/s you are available to help out and mornings or afternoons.  Even if you can only help for an hour or so would be great, so please get your name down as soon as possible.

Talking of volunteers, we need people to take the mats to the Sunday runs for 2015.  Can you please let me know if you are willing to help us out.  The idea is to do the job for a month (4 or 5 Sundays).  If you are unable to do a Sunday during your month, we will find a replacement for you so no need to worry if you can’t do one of your Sundays.

The Summer program is out and it is quite hard, especially if it is going to be a very hot summer as they are predicting.  We have a new run – Stagecoach Road, so I hope you like it.    There will be no run on 24 December – Christmas Eve is the lead up to the big day and is very much a family time, so I thought it best to cancel the run.  The Sunday after Christmas is at the Botanic Gardens and at this stage it does not look like we will be taking the mats that day, so the timing will be done manually.  If you plan to come to that run wear your timing watch.

Thank you to Mark Chapman for doing the work on the CSU run and also suggesting the One Hour Challenge, from all accounts both runs have been successful.

Congratulations to Mitch Williamson and Liz Simpson on the birth of their first baby, Cooper.  Cooper came 5 weeks early but he is doing very well according to Auntie Nicki.

That will do for now, so to you all have a wonderful Christmas and may 2015 be happy and healthy.

Remember if you have anything to discuss please contact any committee member.


Jane Fairgrieve