President’s Report : April 2015

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12 April 2015

Hello Members

Hope you are all well and congratulations to all our members that competed in Canberra this weekend.  From all accounts everyone is pleased with their   efforts and a good time was had by all.

On Friday night we had the AGM and following is the 2015/2016 committee for ORC.   At this point I would like to thank Beck Halls for letting us have use of Anson Street School and also for conducting the elections for us.


Orange Runners’ Club Inc.

President Jane Fairgrieve
Vice President Graham Fahy
Treasurer Bill Fairgrieve
Secretary Alison Spurway
Ordinary Committee Michael Sharp, John Moss, Anthony Daintith
Handicapper Michael Sharp
Website Coordinator Renai McArdle
Social Media Coordinator Renai McArdle
Certificates Renai McArdle
Safety Officer John Moss
Publicity Officers Daryl Roweth, Kinisha Roweth (Backup : Jane Fairgrieve)
Running Calendar Jane Fairgrieve
Course Markers Mike Cooper, Pete Mueller, Mark Chapman


Orange Colour City Running Festival

Head Co-Ordinator David Gibson
Assistant Co-Ordinators John Betts, Ursula Wilson
Treasurer Tim Edmondstone
Secretaries Amanda Gregor, Alison Spurway
Registration Officer Iain McLean
Media Co-Ordinator Renai McArdle


A very big thank you to the following people who have stood down from their positions but have contributed a great deal to ORC or the OCCRF:-

Mike Cooper, Joel Kitto, Fiona Mackin, Erin Gibson, Rebecca Lincoln, Beck Halls.  A few of you will be wondering why Erin’s name is on the list, well little Tom will be getting a  brother or sister in September so Erin will have her hands full, however saying that I have a funny feeling she will be looking over David’s shoulder and keeping an eye on things.

About 30 people attended the AGM so thank you to those who came along.  Attached you will find the Treasurer’s report  for your perusal.

David gave a wonderful powerpoint presentation of the OCCRF – their goals and achievements.  The  festival was very successful and as a thank you to ORC for all the volunteers who turned up over the weekend to help out with various jobs the OCCRF have presented us with a cheque for $3,000.  How wonderful is that and of course that money will come in very handy especially for the replacement of any timing equipment we may decide to proceed with.  Thank you OCCRF Committee on behalf of ORC for this brilliant gesture.   I told Kim it was worth all her effort sweeping the pathways of the running tracks that weekend!

Today we said goodbye to our backpacking friends – Naomi and Stu.  They are heading off to warmer climes hoping to pick up work as they travel their way around.  They head to New Zealand for Christmas but are hoping they may be able to come and see us before they cross the Tasman.  They enjoyed their time very much with ORC and pass on their thanks to you all for making them feel so welcome.

I have some information from Athletics NSW for you to have a look at.  Renai will post it on our website shortly so please take the time to read it.  I am sure you will find it interesting and may be of great benefit to you.

Thank you to Tony and Julie Fitzpatrick for carting the mats for the month of March and this month we thank Julie and Mark Chapman.  I still need volunteers for 4 months, so if you can help out please let me know.

Parkes Fun Run is on 17 May 2015.  It would be great if ORC could give some support to this run.  This will be the 3rd year that Parkes will be conducting this run.  They are hoping for good support from ORC and hopefully they in turn will support our fun run next year.  So, if you want a change of scenery for a Sunday run, please consider this – take a picnic lunch and visit the telescope when you are there.

Membership fees are slowly coming in.  If you have not paid please complete a membership form, place it in an envelope with your money and give to myself or Billy as soon as possible.  We have decided to wait until 1 May for subscriptions to come in, after that if you have not paid, your name will not be on our system and consequently your times or runs will be recorded.  This might sound harsh but we cannot have people running with us who are not financial members.  I am sure you all understand the situation.  If you find it difficult to pay your subscription please see myself or Billy, no one will be turned away and we can work out a payment system for you.