Presidents Report : July 2015

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14 July 2015

Hello members

Here we are well into winter, especially considering the weather over the weekend.   We decided to cancel the run at CSU due to the snowy and icy conditions.  I hope you all enjoyed your sleep-in, it certainly was the best type of morning to be snuggled under the doona.  However, saying that, some of our members headed off to Wellington for the Mt Arthur challenge.

The new timing system is up and running.  Last Saturday a few of us all got together with Michael Sharp to see how it all goes.  From what I could see it is certainly a lot easier to use than our old system.  Thank you to those who attended the training, it’s good to see people getting actively involved with the club.  Over the next few weeks we will take turns at sitting with Michael and getting a feel for the system ourselves.  Next step, the wonderful and versatile Renai McArdle is going to do a type of “cheat sheet” to simplify the system procedure that will make it super easy for anyone to follow. Remember, it is always an open invitation to learn the timing system and if you feel you want to give something back to the club, please see Michael or myself to lodge your interest. The new mats are less than half the size of the olds one and therefore a lot easier to move about and take to the Sunday runs.  All in all folks, our investment is very pleasing and of course it would not have been possible without the generosity of the Orange Colour City Running Festival – who at the AGM handed over two cheques, one in the sum of $3,000 to say thank you to all our members who helped out at the fun run doing all the different jobs, and a cheque for $20,000 which had been accumulated by the old committee and the new committee, over a number of years.  How lucky are we to have such a wonderful group of people running the Festival, truly committed to their cause of raising money for charity and also remembering their Club members.

Remember, if you have not exchanged your chip for one of the new chips (which are only compatible with the new system) please see Graham as soon as possible to swap your old chip for a new one – there is no charge for the new chip.  If you are wearing a new chip and your name is not appearing on the website please see Michael, as we want to nip any problems in the bud straight away.  We have also been lucky enough to find a buyer for the old chips, it is only $2.20 per chip, but that is better than nothing.

One thing that became evident at the computer training morning is the need for people to record the distances they do on a Sunday run.  A lot of people turn up, run and do not put down on the sheets provided by Michael how far they go.  If you don’t indicate your distance it gives a lot of extra work to Michael, as he has to go through  the times and work out which distance has been undertaken.  I know how easy it is to finish the run and then get caught up talking to other folk, so from now one it would be appreciated if you could remember to sign off after each Sunday run.

We had a committee meeting on Monday and it was generally discussed that things with the club are progressing well.  As at this date we have 460 financial members, which is up by 80 for the same period last year.

We also set the date for the Christmas Party – 28 November 2015 so more details regarding the party will be forthcoming in due course.  As you know at the Christmas Party we present awards for Runner of the Year and Junior Runner of the Year, so it’s time to keep your ears and eyes peeled and take note of people you consider would be a worthy recipient of these awards.

In relation to my email sent to you all in which I asked if anyone had anything to be discussed at the meeting two people got back requesting:-

  1.    Mass start all year round at Elephant Park.
  2.    Runs on a Wednesday during the  year (other than winter time) commence at 5.15

In response
Question 1, we decided that a mass start for the winter months was OK but for the rest of the year we consider the handicap system much more acceptable.  We are also very conscious with the mass start that there is a greater risk of injury to members.  So, therefore we will be proceeding as is, i.e. mass start for the winter months because of the restricted daylight hours, and for the rest of the year runners will take off on their handicap time.

Question 2, we decided that this is a subject which needs to be discussed with members and taken to a vote at the AGM.  Therefore, if you feel you would like to see a 5.15 start on a Wednesday please attend our next AGM (April 2016) or submit a motion at that time.  However saying that if there are a lot of people who feel strongly about this we could always call a members meeting one Wednesday night to vote.

Many thanks to Amanda Gregor who is taking the mats to the Sunday run for the month of July.  Wayne Stewart has kindly offered to do August.  Without the volunteers who do the mats on Sunday,  that would be another job that the committee members would have to do so thank you for helping us to get on with other things.

The annual ladies trip to Sydney on 19 September for the Blackmores Run over the Harbour Bridge is nearing finalisation.  If you wish to have a “girls” weekend away please make sure you get your name to Sharon Fahy as soon as possible.  There is the option of a one or two night stay.  Please see the Blackmores website for details regarding the run.  It is always a good fun weekend with plenty of laughs….. and shopping!

A hearty congratulations to our Runner of the Year 2014 – Leanne Corcoran who won the Glow Worm half marathon in June – what a clever lady she is!  That beautiful smile of Leanne’s would have been beaming as she crossed the finishing line.  Also congratulations to Brad Simmons who completed the Comrades 87 km gruelling run in South Africa.  Oh my gosh I can’t even get my head around that event.  Obviously  Brad is extremely proud of his effort , and of course all ORC members are very happy for him.

That should do it for now so I will sign off.  If anyone has anything they need to discuss with the committee please feel free to contact myself, Graham, Billy or Alison.


Happy running.

Jane Fairgrieve

ORC President