CWD : 1 October 2016

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Unfortunately with the weather setting in again last weekend, the Sunday run was cancelled due to the rainfall and threat of thunderstorms.

On Wednesday Night at Elephant Park marked the first night of the Junior Spring Carnival and a fine day saw the running track in quite good condition considering the amount of rain we have had and an impressive thirty two starters, considering the school holidays are on now. The fastest three girl and boy runners in each age group were:

1-3 years (one lap) Josephine Kitto (18:54) and Banjo Reeves (8:47), Thomas Gibson (10:21).

4-6 years (one lap) Henry Reeves (6:54).

7-9 years (two laps) Hanna Gross (8:33), Pip Martin (9:23), Lily Bangert (9:35) and Cameron Ross (8:47), Ned Cummins (8:59), Angus Martin (10:57).

10-12 years (three laps) Sophie Martin (12:03), Ella Lamrock (12:16), Ella Buesnell (13:19) and Lachlan Ross (11:27), Samuel Gross (12:04), Hugh Corcoran (12:40).

13-15 years (three laps) Brooke Martin (12:06), Lily Craig (12:50) and Ethan Buesnell (9:56), Noah Lamrock (11:35), Harry Cummins (11:43).

16-18 years (three laps) Chloe Ziegler (19:01) and Jack Daintith (11:25), Oliver Hopkins (13:37).

Another forty four adult starters did their laps as well, but no one could match the fastest times set by the young guns, Ethan Buesnell and Sophie Martin.

Improving their personal best times on the night were: Alicia Ross 11s, Lachlan Ross 11s, Tiffany Roweth 18s, Brooke Martin 1s, Sophie Martin 1m6s, Ella Buesnell 1m52s, Samual Gross 24s and Gill Hay 11s. With Gill Hay also securing the overall handicap win for herself as she continues her steady rate of improvement.


News from the Running Festival Team is that registrations will be opening this weekend for the 2017 event with the Festival on the weekend of February 25 and 26.

Sunday’s club run is at Gosling Creek and is the old course.


Photo of Hanna Gross who was the winner of the Girls 7-9 age group at the first day of the Junior Spring Racing Carnival.