CWD 14 May 2016

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On Sunday at the Botanic Gardens club run / Apple Festival Fun Run 82 members and friends enjoyed a healthy run and  a little healthy food afterwards, with an apple or two. Also as it was Mothers Day a small lucky draw was held for the mothers, with Melissa Fogarty, Beckie Plant and Leanne Corcoran all picking up a nice bottle of wine.

To the running and in the one lap Emma Rolls (6.24) was the fastest over the 1.4km distance, finishing in front of Renai McArdle (7:55), while Sophie Martin (8:34) Mile Srzich (8:35) and Olivia Martin (8:36) were all close behind. Of the boys doing the one lap Ethan McArdle (10:43) was the quickest, finishing ahead of Lachlan Simmons (14:04). There might be an enquiry in the Reeves house hold after Banjo and dad Adam (25:54), cleared away from his brother Henry (26:36). Jack Daintith (11:24) led the charge over two laps to be a clear winner ahead of Corey McArdle (14:15) and evergreen Russell Tym (14:33). In the girls doing the 2.8km run, Grace Srzich (14:02) was the first finished ahead of Kinisha Roweth (14:37) and Brooke Martin (15:06). Nathan Sutherland (15:56) set a fast pace for the three lap to finish in front of Brad ‘Comrades’ Simmons (17:01) and Kyle Ostini (18:54). For the girls Amber Rich (18:06) scored the quickest time ahead of Leanne Corcoran (19:33) and Emily Koop (20:52). Four laps wasn’t a popular choice but Michelle Srzich (30:19) was the fastest over the 5.6km distance, followed by Steven Wensley (32:20) and Sharon Fahey (36:11). In the 7km five lap effort, Steve Martin (28:09) made one of his rare appearances and led the way for the guys, from Felix Koeppen (28:39) and Daryl Roweth (31:45) snuck home in third spot. Trumping Steve though, was Meg Reeves (27:47), while Janet Martin (32:42) picked up second spot ahead of Jess Quinn (36:45).

Also on Sunday, outstanding young athlete Connor Whiteley, continued his impressive performances of recent times as he won the ‘Sydney 10’ 5km race at the Sydney Olympic Athletic Centre in the fantastic time of 15:53.

On a very cold and wintery looking Wednesday night at Elephant Park around 72 starters got out and running despite the conditions and the fastest runner was Mitch Williamson (9:26) and the fastest girl was Liz Simpson (11:27).

Julia Sgarlata (17:09) ran a strong, 24 second personal best and a very consistent three laps to be awarded the overall win. Other runners to secure personal best times on the night were: Monique Connolly 15s, Elliot Bangert 2s, Beckie Plant 8s, Anthony Wilson 5s and Nicholas Plokstys 17s.

This Sunday the club run is at Clergate School starting at 9am.

Also, good luck to those competing at the North Face 100 event  on the weekend.

Written by Daryl Roweth

Connor CWD 14 05 2016