CWD 7 May 2016

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On Sunday at Kinross Forrest 52 starters tackled the three available distances. In the 2km race Sophie Martin (10:24) was the fastest overall, with Eva Keegan (10:55) second and Freya Keegan (11:30) third. For the guys, Beau Keegan (11:05) continued the successful morning for the family being first home in the 2km ahead of Bailey Penrose (11:35) and Ethan McArdle (16:50) in third spot.

Trail running David Ross (21:35) was understandably at the front of the 4.8km run. Jack Daintith (22:21) secured second spot just ahead of the improving Jackson Boucher (22:34). The speedy Leanne Corcoran (22:26) was a clear winner of the girls 4.8km race ahead of Karen Neal (25:29) and Nicole Bailey (31:55).

In the testing 9.1km distance the boys led the way with Iain McLean (38:23) continuing his impressive form to be the standout performer as he beat home the strong running Brad Simmons (41:05) and Felix Koeppen (42:45). Running machine Kim Jarvis (56:44) topped the ladies field finishing in front of President, Renai McArdle (60:43) and Beckie Plant (66:15). Overall winner of the day was Nathan ‘King’ Garton, (26:32) who was behind the main place getters in the 4.8km run.

Also on Sunday a number of runners travelled down the road to Bathurst to compete in the Bathurst RSL Half Marathon and 10km races. Liz Simpson (39:48) was the fastest of our starters in the 10km run coming in second female. Nicole Williamson (42:46) came in just behind Liz, to finish third. Other standout performances were Lachlan Ross (48:29) with a huge personal best and fourth in his age category, Kate Thornton (53:44) finishing first in her age category. Others to complete the 10km run were Marc Kiho (46:03), Carrie Williamson (49:02 and second in age), Katrina Smith (53:33), Michelle Lang (60:47), Susie Patey (64:30) and Justin Stent (89:54).

In the Half Marathon Ursula Wilson (1:33:33) was our fastest runner finishing fourth overall female and third in her age category. Mike Cooper (1:38:47) and John Betts (1:57:58)both finished first in their respective age groups. Others to complete the Half Marathon were: Daryl Roweth (1:42:33), James Harvey (1:43:41), Nick Thomas (1:51:14), Stephen Blackwood (1:52:56), Alicia Ross (2:02:28) and Alison Broughton (2:13:29).

On Wednesday night at Elephant Park before the run commenced Cameron Ross (100 runs), Nathon Garton (100), Estelle Dean (300), Lily Craig (400), David Craig (500) and John Connolly (600) were all recognised for completing a milestone number of runs. When it came to the run the pace was on and Meg Reeves (10:43) set the standard with the fastest time just ahead of Brad Simmons (11:11). John Keegan (14:11) ran a 43s personal best to earn the overall win for the night with three consistent laps with only one second difference between each lap. Other runners to secure a Personal Best were Adam Reeves 8s, Corey McArdle 17s, Sam Kiho 21s, Belinda McCauley 6s, Freya Keegan 1m14s, Beau Keegan 39s, Hugh Daintith 2s, Letitia Vidler 8s, Harrison Knox 2m 57s, Xavi Wynne 2m41s, Carly Wynne 2m44s and Megan Hiney 1m 42s.

A quick rundown on the new Club Championship point score system.

Earlier in the year it was proposed that we recognise the high achievers within the club with the development of a point score championship.  The concept was trialled until the AGM and approved to continue for the 2016 calendar year at the committee meeting held on the 4.4.2016.
The Championship scoring will run from February 2016 to the mid October 2016 and there will be trophies for winners in each age group (male and female) at the annual presentation night.
Points are awarded per run and tallied into a cumulative total with reports published monthly.  Your point score is a combination of both Sunday and Wednesday events.

The formula for the Wednesday and Sunday events are explained below:
Wednesday Event 
·         Every runner is awarded a participant point (regardless of laps completed)
·         Only runners completing the 3 laps are awarded placing points
·         Placing points are awarded per age category
First = 15 points, Second = 13 points, Third = 11 points, Fourth = 9 points, Fifth = 7 points
Sunday Event
·         Every runner is awarded a participant point (regardless of distance completed)
·         Placing points are awarded per age category
First = 15 points, Second = 13 points, Third = 11 points, Fourth = 9 points, Fifth = 7 points
·         BONUS points are awarded based on the number of distances in the event.
e.g. 5 distances within the Sunday event, would equal bonus points of 1 to 5 (1 being the shortest distance and 5 the longest), likewise if there were only 3 distances then bonus points of 1 to 3 would be awarded.
This weekend the Sunday Mothers Day club run is at Botanic Gardens, with a starting time of 8:30am – collaboration with Taste Orange, Apple Festival Fun Run.

Picture : Nathan Garton, overall winner Sunday

Written by Dasha

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