CWD : 15th April 2017

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Last weekend saw Orange Runners Club Members provide substantial support to the Australian Running Festival in Canberra, through participation in a series of events ranging from 5k to the Marathon.

In the 5k, Mitch Williamson came 2nd overall with a time of 16:02. Liz Simpson was the 6th female home, with a time of 19:51, and Nicole Williamson was the 7th female home with 20:11. Other worthy performances included Graham Fahy (30:53), Sharon Fahy (31:44), Sue Betts (36:59), and Glenys Rosser (37:23).

In the 10k, John Betts ran a 54:59, and in the 21k Richard Eggleston clocked a 2:06, with Yolanda Zhao coming home in 2:16. The Marathon was a popular event, with Daryl Roweth recording a 3:44, and Gareth Thomas and Nic Thomas recording 3:56 and 3:58 respectively. Brett Sammut finished with a time of 4:48. Well done to all, especially those who finished their race in very cold and wet conditions on the Sunday. Our apologies if we have missed anyone.
Locally, the Club had its Sunday Run at CSU Orange, where 63 members in attendance had a choice of 1 to 5 laps of a hilly 1.6k course. The first 3 finishers over the respective distances are as follows:

1 lap – Jason Jurd (9:23), Gary Taylor (9:41) Rosie Corcoran (11:55). 2 laps – Anthony Wilson (15:08), Joel Kitto (15:51) and Logan Whiteley (15:53). 3 laps – Thomas Dale (21:23), Jamie Corcoran (25:25) and Karen Neal (25:27). 4 laps – Leanne Corcoran (30:43), John Connolly (35:27), and Felix Koeppen (37:14). 5 laps – Noel Arnett (36:43), Ursula Wilson (39:30), and Mike Cooper (40:43). Patrick Hakkinen was declared the winner. Congratulations to all who participated.

The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 2.9k handicap event saw 47 competitors take part. Felix Koeppen (11:55), Mike Cooper (11:57), Ella Lamrock (12:07), Mitch Essex (12:15) and Ursula Wilson (12:27) were the fastest finishers. Milla Jurd was declared the winner. Well done to all.

This Sunday sees the Club undertake its annual Easter run out at Lake Canobolas, with a choice of 1 to 4 laps of a challenging and technical 2.5km course, followed of course by the now famous Easter egg hunt.

Members should visit the club website on for further details on membership benefits and events. Those interested in joining our club to take advantage of the opportunities offered should visit the club website for further information, and/or to join.

See you on the trail



Photo of Daryl Roweth, Nic Thomas and Gareth Thomas who had just finished the Canberra Marathon.