CWD : 22nd April 2017

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On Easter Sunday, Orange Runners Club had its weekend run at Lake Canobolas, where 71 members in attendance had a choice of 1 to 4 laps of a challenging 2.5km course around the lake in glorious weather. The run was followed by the Club’s annual Easter egg hunt. The first 3 finishers over the respective distances are as follows:

1 lap – Amber Rich (10:33), Craig Penrose (12:29) and Corey McArdle (13:27). 2 laps – Liz Simpson (22:28), Anthony Wilson (23:50), Ella Lamrock (22:54). 3 laps – Brad Simmons (33:10), Kietta-Raye Shaw (46:49) and Brian Rix (46:50). 4 laps – Jared Sullivan (40:53), Mitch Essex (46:26) and Noel Annett (46:40). Oscar Chandler-Sullivan was declared the winner. Congratulations to all who participated.

The Wednesday afternoon Elephant Park 2.9k handicap event saw 50 competitors take part. The fastest men were Adam Reeves (10:53), Lachlan Ross (11:17) and Jack Daintith (11:36). The fastest ladies were Amelia Hogben (13:11), Kelly Gleeson (13:33) and Bec Davis (14:05). PBs were recorded by Adam Reeves (23s), Jackson Essex (40s), Lachlan Ross (10s), Toby Betts (21s) and Kelly Gleeson (20s). Kelly Gleeson was declared the overall handicap winner. Well done to all!

This Sunday sees the Club at Endeavour Oval on perhaps its flattest run. Members will have the choice of 1 to 3 laps of a tranquil 2.55km route that takes in Moulder Park, Endeavour Oval and Elephant Park. This event will commence at 9am.

The club wishes to acknowledge the achievement of member Iain McLean, who this week completed the Boston Marathon in an excellent time. The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest ongoing annual running event, starting back in 1897. Entry alone requires completing a certified marathon in a very rapid time, and qualification itself is a goal for many distance runners. Iain qualified, and finished the event in 3 hours 2 minutes. Well done – your town and club are proud of you!

Members should visit the club website on for further details on membership benefits and events. Those interested in joining our club to take advantage of the opportunities offered to members should visit the club website for further information, and/or to join.

See you on the trail