CWD : 17 December 2016

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Last Sunday 50 Club members took on the challenge of Favell Road. The course along the scenic rural Byng and Favell Roads is a testing one no matter which distance you choose. A great pace was set up front, with the young guns leading the way over the 3km’s. Junior Runner of the Year, Lachlan Ross, set the fastest time of 14:00, while Noah Lamrock 14:23 and Cameron Ross 16:51 were not far behind.

The placings across the other distances and their times were:


5.8km – Ella Lamrock 27:38, Lily Craig 27:52 and Alicia Ross 32:41.

8.1km – Kim Jarvis 57:11, Nicole Bailey 57:55 and Renai McArdle 62:16.

11.5km – Ursula Wilson 56:03, Meg Reeves 76:00 and Diana Carroll 78:43.


5.8km – Jackson Boucher 25:30, David Craig 31:08 and Tim Robinson 33:34.

8.1km – Richard Eggleston 53:05 and Russell Tym 53:06.

11.5km – Iain McLean 47:06, Mitch Essex 48:35 and Daryl Roweth 53:19.

Overall winner on the day was Dianna Carroll who was third home over the longest distance.


At Elephant Park with the weather threatening on Wednesday night President Renai McArdle was quick to get the small gathering of runners away quickly, with a mass start.

Of the 37 runners the fastest on the night was Lachlan Ross, with a time of 11:50 and the fastest girl being Ella Lamrock 12:50. The overall winner was Aidan Price who ran 16:36 for the three laps. Personal Bests were set by Keagan Wilson 9s and Cameron Ross 20s.


This weekend the Sunday run is at Jack Brabham Park with a new course being ran for the first time.

Next Wednesday Dec 21 at Elephant Park will be the last run for the year.


There will be no club runs on Christmas Day and New Years Day or on Wednesday Dec 28.


The first Club run of the new  year will be at Elephant Park on Wednesday Jan 4, 2017.


Wishing all runners a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth


Photo of our number one time keeper Michael Sharp, getting a run in at a recent Parkrun at Gosling Creek.