CWD : 24 December 2016

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Last Sunday saw 78 Club members introduced to a new out and back 2km course at Jack Brabham. A further degree of difficulty was added with a worker setting up to jack hammer and repair a section of the path with tree root damage. That didn’t worry runners club as a detour around that section of the path was set up and the run was started.  The repetitive nature of a lap course was counterbalanced with the interaction and encouragement between fellow runners each lap.

The placings across the five distances and their times were:


2km – Tanya Connolly 11:55, Julie Chapman 12:26 and  Lily Bangert 14:22.

4km – Alicia Ross 21:07, Michelle Whiteley 24:01 and Amy Robinson 24:02.

6km – Leanne Corcoran 26:49, Lily Craig 32:39 and Sarah Trifogoli 33:50.

8km – Karen Neal 39:36 and Alison Spurway 50:08.

10km – Karyn Vardanega 57:43, Kinisha Roweth 58:20 and Daniella Klingberg 60:17.


2km – Lachlan Ross 8:27, Elliot Bangert 8:39 and Mike Cooper 8:53.

4km – Noah Lamrock 17:13, Joel Kitto 19:26 and Hugh Daintith 20:43.

6km – Iain McLean 24:49, Mitch Essex 25:13 and Rikki Bangert 25:58.

8km – Alistair Merrifield 39:54, Steve Wensley 45:17 and Richard Eggleston 45:54.

10km – Nathan Sutherland 45:43, Nick Thomas 48:00 and Gareth Thomas 54:20.



At Elephant Park on Wednesday for the final club run for the year, Renai made a few presentations to people who could not attend the official Christmas Party / presentation. Congratulations to John Betts, Wayne Sunderland and Brad Simmons.

To the running and fifty starters took to the course, with Brad Simmons celebrating his earlier award by setting the fastest time overall of 11:07. Ella Lamrock was the fastest female as she powered to a time of 12:31, while young Max MacLean was the overall winner with a great second club run of 21:50.


The next Club run will be Sunday Jan 8 at Endeavour Oval, so enjoy the Christmas and New Year holiday break and stay safe. Happy Running.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth