CWD : 18th May 2019

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Early start on Sunday morning for the trail runners at Kinross Forest. Thankyou to Iain McLean for been the Race Director, Alicia Ross the important role of been the sweep and to Dave Ross and Mitch Essex assisting in the marking of the two courses on Saturday afternoon.
In the short course (6.6k), it was Mitch Essex first home ably assisted by Baxter in a time of 40.34, followed by Coop 47.18 and new trail runner Dave Craig 49.00. In the Ladies, Kinisha Roweth in her first trail run was first with 52.00, followed by Alicia Anlezark 54.08 and Annabelle Hosie 59.00.
In the gruelling 14.2k course, Iain McLean set the pace with an impressive 1.21.16 (looking great for UTA22) ahead of the fast improving Michael Kennard 1.25.0) and Joel Broadfoot 1.34.54 (looking great for UTA 50).
Congratulations to all the trail runners that competed either course.
Gosling Creek was the venue for the 9am run. Happy mothers day to all of our runners and trust that you have a great day and congratulations to those raffle winners. John Connolly was the handicap winner.
Amber Rich was again the first to finish in 9.29 ahead of Sophie Martin 9.59 and Jocelyn Blair 10.48. Well done to Hamish Blair 12.09 first home in the men. Great to see Craig Penrose back into the running into second 13.23 and Flynn Thornton 14.41.
Plenty of juniors doing very well on the back of the excellent school cross country results.
The experienced Steve Martin 18.48 edged Hugh Daintith 19.52 into position and Hugh Corcoran third 22.21. Well done to Ursula Wilson who was first lady in a time of 21.19, ahead of Janet Martin 22.13 and Kelly Gleeson 23.26.
Brad Simmons smoked the field with an impressive 34.47 ahead of John “please ensure that I dont miss the 8k turn” Connolly 41.06 and Geg Shapter third 44.24. Kim Jarvis was first woman in the 8k 48.45 ahead of Anna Daintith 51.35 and Mel Bolton 53.50.
Not sure what Chris Harrington had for breakfast, but I would like some! Chris ran 41.54 and made it look easy. Tim Murphy ran a great 50.52 ahead of Daryl Roweth 58.04. Leanne Corcoran as a great tuneup for Friday UTA ran a very impressive 51.26.

The Orange Runners Club held its Annual General Meeting last Tuesday night. The following members were elected to positions:

President – Anthony Daintith
Vice President – Greg Shapter
Secretary – John Betts
Treasurer – Judy Tarleton
Ordinary Committee – Michael Sharp, Alicia Ross, Kate Thornton
Timing Coordinator – Michael Sharp
Assistant Timing Coordinator – John Hannan
Publicity Officer – Daryl Roweth
Course Markers – Mike Cooper, Graham Fahy and Daryl Roweth
Website Coordinator – Jack Daintith
Social Media Coordinator – Mel Bolton
Uniform Coordinator – Anna Daintith
Member Recognition Coordinator – Glenys Rosser
Trail Running Coordinator – David Ross
Health and Safety Coordinator – John Moss
Coordinator – Michael O’Mara
Assistant Coordinator – Mitch Essex
Secretary – Leanne Corcoran
Treasurer – Noel Annett
Ordinary Committee – Mel Bolton, John Betts, Kate Thornton

A beautiful Autumn day provided the perfect running conditions for 95 members on Wednesday afternoon. We welcomed new members Paul Anderson, Tom Griffiths, Sarah Scanlan, Maddex Gosper & Matilda Duncan who had their first run with the club!

Andrew Napier was the handicap winner today who ran 12.53 for the 3k.

15 awesome PBs this week (which would probably be a PB in itself) were recorded by Alex Irwin (1s), Donna Irwin (4s), Kinisha Roweth (12s), Oliver McLean (2s), Abby Dean (29s), Harry Dean (38s), Fred Bangert (4s), Hugh Daintith (9s), Mackenzie Smith (2min15s), Emily Palmer (54s), Adelle Bryden-Brown (12s), Sam Gosper (1min17s), James West (8s), Chris Harrington (8s), Kelly Jurd (17s).

Placegetters this week:

1. Chris Harrington 9.17
2. Iain McLean 10.49
3. Hugh Daintith 11.03

1. Kinisha Roweth 11.35
2. Carissa Hickey 11.39
3. Liz Simpson 11.48

Tomorrows 9am run is on at Spring Creek Dam with 2.4k, 4.8k, 7.2k and 9.6k.