CWD : 2 July 2016

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On a cold weekend 78 members took up the challenge around the Elephant Park track with a number of solid times set. The Lamrock’s dominated the one lap, 1.6km distance with Ella (7:28) and Noah (6:58) setting the fastest times for the girls and boys respectively. Filling the places behind Ella were Rebecca Halls (10:12) and Angela Broadfoot (14:31). Lachlan Ross (7:29) came in second fastest of the guys, while David Craig (8:00) was not far away in third.

Tanya Connolly (17:27) set the benchmark for the ladies, to lead home Renai McArdle (17:57) and Kim Broadfoot (19:11). Leading the charge for the guys was Tyrone Rudman (15:21) just ahead of Hugh Daintith (15:31) and Brian Penrose (22:14) was third.

In a very competitive 4.8km three lap race Amber Rich (20:43) and Jack Daintith (20:21) set the fastest times, while Nicholas Thomas (21:42) and Aidan Whiteley (22:36) were not too far behind them. Of the girls behind Amber, Karen Neal (23:41) was second and Lily Craig (26:09) just one second in front of Caitlyn Broadfoot in third.

Brad Simmons (26:20) was the quickest over the 6.4km distance while John Betts (31:40) was second and Alistair Merrifield (33:04) third. Leanne Corcoran (28:22) led the way in the ladies with Fiona Montgomerie (46:27) the next best.

In the 8km distance Nathan Sutherland (29:44) dominated the field while David Hunter (31:27) was not too far away and Tim Edmenstone (37:18) came in third, while Ursula Wilson (35:46) was the first lady home with Tina Kiho (38:20) just beating Alicia Ross (38:39) in the race for second spot.

The overall winner on the day was Gareth Thomas (38:33), who ran his usual solid 8km.

Also on the weekend Iain McLean travelled to the Blue Mountains to tackle the Woodford to Glenbrook trail run where he finished seventh overall and second in his age group in a super time of 1:42:05 for the 25km race.

On Wednesday night at Elephant Park 94 starters took to the track chasing a personal best and in what proved to be a fast day, some eighteen runners nailed it. The best of those was Greg Shapter (15:48) whose 1m45s PB secured him the overall win. The other PB’s were recorded by Charlotte Simmons 2s, Corey McArdle 16s, Jessie Dean 5s, Abby Dean 4s, Molly Dean 5s, Noah Lamrock 18s, Cameron Ross 1m25s, Hugh Daintith 6s, Katrina Smith 9s, Thomas Tudor 22s, Julie Quinn 1m21s, Greg Quinn 1m38s, Evan Price 7s, Jaci Norris 47s, Michelle Pearson 28s, Shaylee Fogarty 1m2s and Kerinne Harvey 16s

Fastest three laps of the night were recorded by Ethan Buesnel (10:11) overall and Charlotte Simmons (10:57) for the ladies.

The club is looking for volunteers to put in some time into the timing system to allow Michael Sharp and John Hannan the time to occasionally run without the distraction of running the timing.

This weekends club run is at the CSU campus starting at 9am.

Also this weekend will see a number of our members travel to the sunshine state for the Gold Coast Marathon and running festival. Good luck to all and looking forward to hearing about their results.

Written by Dasha

Michael Sharp - Elephant Park - Sunday 26.6.2016

Michael Sharp – Elephant Park – Sunday 26.6.2016