CWD : 3 September 2016

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On Sunday a huge turnout of runners club members tackled the Dubbo Stampede with the standout results being in the 10km Connor Whiteley (34:16) came second overall and first in his age category, Mitch Williamson (36:05) third overall and first in his category and Liz Simpson (41:35) third female and first in her category. In the Half Marathon Ursula Wilson (1:33:20), backed up from the Mudgee Marathon to finish third female and first in her age category.

Other club members to compete at Dubbo, their times and age category placings (for those finishing in their top three) were:

5.5km Dingo Dash.

Nathan Sutherland (19:54 – third), Adam Sharam (21:15 – first), Lauren Kerwick (21:35 – first), Meg Reeves (21:51 – second), Brad Simmons (22:02 – first), Nicole Williamson (22:33 – third), Brooke Martin (22:57 – first), Charlotte Simmons (23:13 – second), Amber Rich (23:59 –  third), Grace Srzich (26:04), Carrie Williamson (26:21), Tyrone Rudman (26:49), Sophie Martin (26:51), Michelle Srzich (28:25), Ivan Srzich (30:07), Madeline Srzich (31:33), Phillipa Martin (31:42), Michelle Whiteley (32:17), Bailey Penrose (32:32), Naomi Sunderland (34:14), Mila Srzich (35:21), Flynn Thornton (35:36), Katie-Lee Bennett (35:43), Angus Martin (36:35), Denise Rich (37:16 – first),Olivia Martin (37:30), Noah Whiteley (44:42), Matilda Thornton (56:09), Stephen Morphet-Jones (56:13), Sam Thornton (56:25), Greg Thornton (57:00) and Keagan Wilson (74:35).

10km Cheetah Chase.

Adam Reeves (41:36), Janet Martin (43:02 – second), Kate Thornton (54:25), Russell Tym (55:24), Richard Eggleston (58:17) and Michelle Lang (67:19).

Zebra Zoom Half Marathon.

Jared Sullivan (1:28:43 – second), Paul Centofanti (1:33:57), Daryl Roweth (1:35:41 – first), James Harvey (1:37:33), Katrina Smith (1:56:56), Daniella Burgio (2:00:55) and Wayne Sunderland (2:05:21).

Rhino Ramble Marathon.

Brett Sammut (3:56:25), Nick Thomas (4:14:45) and Stephen Blackwood (5:38:19).

My apology to any one I have missed.

In the club run at Lake Canobolas 64 starters crossed the start line with Steve Wensley (28:24) declared the overall winner after completing the 5km distance. Top three places in each distance were:

2.5km. Female – Tanya Connolly (14:01), Lily Bangert (14:53) and Gill Hay (17:14).

Male – Ricky Bangert (10:11), Elliot Bangert (11:43) and Fred Bangert (12:25).

5km. Female – Ella Lamrock (25:26), Lily Craig (25:49) and Dani Syme (27:19).

Male – Jackson Boucher (22:56), Noah Lamrock (23:23) and Hugh Daintith (23:40).

7.5km. Male – Gareth Thomas (38:49) and John Moss (49:10).

10km. Female – Jess Quinn (57:20) and Kim Jarvis (65:48).

Male – Chris Brown (52:05), Alex Irwin (52:07) and Mike Cooper (52:57).

Apparently there is an inquiry pending as one of the runners, (only name given was Kim), baulked at a water hazard and may be penalised 5 championship points.

On another wet Wednesday night 30 runners again braved the conditions, with first timer Lisa Barnett (11:11) being the fastest, while Jack Daintith (11:52) was the fastest of the guys. The overall winner was Michelle Whiteley (16:40), who backed up from her weekend effort at Dubbo. Personal Bests were set by Danielle Klingberg 1m6s and Gill Hay 19s.

The Sunday club run is at Bargwanna Road starting at 9am.

Information provided by Daryl Roweth


In the photo from left to right (back row) – Michelle Lang, Liz Simpson, Mitch Williamson,Connor Whiteley, Michelle Whiteley and Noah Whiteley. (Front row} Ursula Wilson, Stephen Morphet-Jones and Keagan Wilson.