CWD 24 March 2016: Ain’t no volcano high enough

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This weekend there was no club run as many members ran or volunteered in the Volcanic Challenge or went in the colour run.

In the Volcanic Challenge we had over 50 Club Members start and many more helping out. The first of our runners was Anthony Ellison (59:32) who came in second in a strong 35-39 age group category and Meg Reeves (61:03) who was both the third female home overall and third in her 20-34 age category. With so many of our runners competing we picked up a number of age group Podium finishers. These included coming in first in their respective age: Zoe Peters (74:59) 12-14y, Basil Baldwin (81:30) 75+y, Lachlan Ross (82:15) U12y and Grace Srzich (84:04) U12y.

Coming home in second place were: Iain McLean (60:30) 40-44y, Brad Simmons (67:59) 50-54y and Molly Peters (95:44) 15-17y. Third placegetters were: Mike Cooper (68:18) 55-59, Harry Cummins (69:50) 12-14y and Alicia Ross (81:32) 35-39y.

Congratulations to all others to compete from the club, too many names to list, but an outstanding achievement to get to the top.

On Wednesday night at Elephant Park around 90 runners tackled the laps, with Mitch Williamson (9:06) scooting around in a scintillating run which saw his first lap completed in an amazing 2:36. Meg Reeves (10:45) was the quickest of the ladies, while Peter Mueller (12:28) showed a return to form to pick up the overall win on the day. Some great Personal Bests were set with Zac Owens 1m14s, Ursula Wilson 2s, Jackson Boucher 13s, Melissa Fogarty 21s, Anthony Wilson 1s, Nathan Sutherland 18s, Jane Thompson 10s and someone called spare chip 3 6m57s.

For those runners intending to run at the Canberra running festival which is only 2 weeks away (April 9 and 10), there will be a book at the next few club runs so you can put your name down, if you would like to enjoy a Saturday Night dinner with other club members.

Relay for Life is on 2 April and everyone is invited to join Sandy Ostini’s team – Robin Hood.  If you would like to get involved please go on the Relay For Life website and put your name down on Sandy’s team.  You also have the option of just joining Sandy on the Saturday/Sunday and completing as many laps of Waratahs as you like and of course a donation would be greatly received.  Finally, if you want you can give a donation via our club.  Please put your donation in an envelope with your name and address on the outside and give to Jane who will make sure Sandy gets it.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please help Sandy in this endeavour and as you know Sandy has played a big part with ORC over previous years so this gives you the chance to do something for her and to say “thanks” for everything she has done for our club.  Any donations you care to make will be collected for the next couple of weeks.

Membership for 2016/2017 will be due 1st April.  The rates are the same as last year – $70 per family, $30 per single adult, $15 for a child. Come 31st March the slate will be wiped clear and only upon payment of membership your name and chip number will became available for viewing on the computer.  Consequently payment as soon as possible works to your advantage.  Please give your money in an envelope with a completed registration form to Bill, who will process the payments until the AGM and thereafter the new treasurer will undertake the job.

This Sunday the run is at Lake Canobolas at 9am and there will be an Easter egg hunt for the kiddies after the  run. Happy Easter to all and for those travelling away this weekend have a safe journey and enjoy the chocolates.

Information provided by Daryl Roweth

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