CWD 28 August 2021

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By Kinisha Roweth

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 lockdown restrictions, the Orange Runners Club are organising virtual runs for members to do within a couple of days timeframe. These runs are located in the Orange LGA so unfortunately members who live outside the Orange LGA will be unable to attend these, unless you are within the km’s from home rule. This allows us to observe all the relevant rules with regard to exercising and social distancing with runners. We self-time and forward the results to Michael Sharp to tabulate.

Last weekend 32 members took on the Shiralee Road track a surprising and tough run, with some cheese grate, sharp inclines but always wonderful views. With the runners able to complete the track over several days, some of us were able to enjoy the surprisingly warmer August days, while others faced bitterly cold and wet conditions – that’s when you know you really are a runner.  Thanks for sending in your results to Michael and hopefully a few more can get to complete this week’s virtual course.

The leading club members in each distance were:

Female – Samantha Pluymers 25:44, Fiona Montgomerie 36:44, Carol Moss 45:35
Male – Peter Finlay 16:24, Hugh Daintith 19:30, Mike Cooper 20:31

Female – Leanne Corcoran 38:12, Kinisha Roweth 47:30, Kim Roweth 47:36
Male – Anthony Daintith 39:20, Brad Simmons 39:39, Michael O’Mara 60:02

Female –Nicola Blore 58:21, Luisa Sims 1:11:50
Male – Jack Daintith 50:30, Daryl Roweth 1:09:00, George Rutledge 1:56:00

With Lockdown continuing this week we hope everyone is staying safe and keeping up with some form of exercising.   Good luck to those participating in the “Virtual Dubbo Stampede Runs” this weekend and in the coming three weeks those that are taking on the “Run Against Violence Challenge” – Broken Hill to Sydney distances.

This weekend will see the virtual run at the Botanic Gardens with the usual distances of 1 to 6 laps. You will be able to do your run anytime between Saturday and the Wednesday cut off time to get your run time and distance to Michael (by 3pm Wednesday 1st Sept). Please remember to wear a mask to and from the run and  carry your mask with you during the run and follow the covid rules for running with family members or individually with 1 friend and maintaining safe distancing.

Information on the course can be found on the Orange Runners Club website and updates will be provided through the Runners Club email.

Please continue to check the website, Facebook and watch your emails for more information on all of our club activities and news.