CWD 29th June 2019

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It was a fresh and chilly morning for 80 Members at Bulgas Rd on Sunday morning taking on the 3, 5, 10 & 14k distances.

Mindy Smith was the handicap winner after completing the 5km distance in 43 minutes.

Top 3 place getters this week were:

3k Female – Kinisha Roweth 14:09, Julie Fitzpatrick 19:05, Lyn Rummery 20:24

Male – Fred Bangert 13:01, Jack Daintith 13:30, Michael Sharp 18:25.

5k Female – Leanne Corcoran 22:01, Alicia Ross 24:15, Kelly Jurd 31:00

Male – Rikky Bangert 20:05, Hugh Daintith 22:54, Hugh Corcoran 23:55.

10k Female – Annabelle Hosie 58:08, Pam Fullgrabe 1:06:58, Anna Daintith 1:07:41

Male – Joel Bradfoot 51:52, John Betts 1:00:58, James Littlejohn 1:01:59.

14k Female – Carissa Hickey 1:07:07, Alison Spurway 1:20:41, Alicia Anlezark 1:26:45

Male – Anthony Daintith 1:05:30, Warwick Blackwell 1:07:54, Mitch Essex 1:13:48.



80 runners also tackled the Wednesday night challenge at Elephant Park and the fastest runners on the night were:

Male – Connor Whiteley 9:13, Nick Carney 10:36 and Samual Gross 10:46.

Female – Liz Simpson 11:04, Carissa Hickey 11:37, Abby Dean 12:36

PB’s were recorded by Clair Blair 29s, Hadden Bennett 2s, Samual Gross 7s, Billy Yeo 40s, Mark Mori 25s, Mel Boltdn 2s and Nick Carney 5s.


5 members reached milestones this week and received medals to recognise their achievements. Man Ha Mackay 300 runs, Claire Anlezark 50 runs, Mel Bolton 100 runs, Kate Thornton 100 runs and Abby Dean 300 runs.


This weekend will see the Sunday Club run at Clergate School starting at 9am, with the distances available 3km, 5km and 10km.

For more information on events and results, please check out the website ‘’.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth

Sundays Run at Bulgas Road with many runners and walkers wearing extra layers for the cold conditions.