CWD 4th January 2020

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At the last Sunday club run for 2019 at the Botanic Gardens around 50 Runners’ members squeezed in their last run for the year. Younger members, Cooper Williamson for completing 25 and Clair Gates 50 club runs, were presented with medals recognising these milestones.

The fastest runners over the various distances were:

1.6km – female – Alicia Ross 8:14, Liz Simpson 12:16, Justine Tarleton 14:29

Male – Mike Cooper 7:45, Freddie Littlejohn 11:45, James Littlejohn 11:45

3.2km – female – Alicia Anlezark 16:58, Michelle Whiteley 19:49, Claire Gates 23:20

Male – Jack Daintith 14:19, Logan Whiteley 14:59, Chris Brown 20:00

4.8km – female – Bec Davis 27:06, Renai McArdle 28:51, Bridget Cole 29:58

Male – Hugh Daintith 22:38, Charlie Brown 26:52, Hayden Hyde 30:46.

6.4km – female – Leanne Corcoran 29:26, Anna Daintith 45:49, Lynn O’Mara 53:01

Male – James West 30:18, Peter Hyde 31:24, Paul Anderson 32:21

8km – female – Kim Jarvis 52:57, Marie Regan 55:09

Male – Basil Baldwin 55:06

9.6km – female – Ursula Wilson 57:26

Male – Anthony Daintith 48:09, Nicholas Thomas 57:26.

Handicap winner was Bill Fairgrieve who completed the 4.8km distance in a time of 31:44.


On a hot and smoky New Years day at Elephant Park 37 starters pushed through the tough conditions to record their first times of the new year. The fastest runner on the day was Leanne Corcoran in 11:43. The next fastest female was Alison Spurway 14:23 and Kim Jarvis was third female home in 16:05.

Fastest of the guys, just behind Leanne were, Hugh Daintith 12:20, Ian Spurway 12:34 and Mike Cooper 13:16.

Trent Brown was also recognised on the day for completing 25 club runs.

Greg Shapter was the overall handicap winner running the three laps in 18:02.

Understandably there were no PB’s set under the tough conditions.


This Sunday the club run will be held at Bulgas Road starting at 9am with distances of 3km, 5km, 10km and 14km.

With the current weather conditions currently being experienced, both temperature and air quality, runners are reminded to run / walk or don’t run, to the conditions and to keep hydrated.


A reminder to think about entering the Orange Running Festival in 2020 (Held on March 7 & 8 at Gosling Creek). There is an event for everyone, from the kids 2km on the Saturday afternoon to the 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon on the Sunday morning. Also the committee will be looking for volunteer helpers prior to and during the event, so please put your hand up to help in the New Year, or contact Mike O’Mara for more information.


Information provided by Daryl Roweth

Cooper Williamson being presented with a medal for completing 25 club runs